Familia Fidei

Welkom bij de familie van het geloof.


Familia Fidei is a family of faith following the Father’s great plan of love. Called to be yeast amid people. We want the person of Jesus Christ become visible, propagate his message, and invite to imitate Him.

Our world often wanders in the dark. Needs answers, encouragement, hope and salvation of God for new power to go on. We want to provide a place of mercy for all, a house of peace. Join us to try to be the goodness of God for one another, to be His Face.

An important tool for this are the holy icons.

Icon procession

Now it's even easier to follow us through our site! Thanks to the webmaster, we now have a neat site where we are proud of (and grateful for). You can enjoy the pictures!

Here you can see lots of icons of a beauty and depth that has an impact in our lives!


Movement of the Face of God

God has a face! We see Jesus in His true face and through Him we hear God himself! As humans we are created after His image and are invited to resemble Jesus. Learn to know Him and go along with Him. On a divine adventure, the road to the Heavenly Jerusalem. Come and see all the wonders that God has ready for you. Let's move!